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ReAct is a network created in 2005 and headquartered at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Pioneered by Prof Otto Cars, ReAct is one of the first international independent networks to articulate the complex nature of antibiotic resistance and its drivers. ReAct was initiated with the goal to be a global catalyst, advocating and stimulating for global engagement on antibiotic resistance by collaborating with a broad range of organisations, individuals and stakeholders. The idea was to link a medical and technical issue, to broad social and political action. ReAct today has nodes on five continents, each linked to various regional, national and local initiatives. ReAct now catalyses action on antibiotic resistance through a variety of means, including translation of scientific evidence to policymakers, helping develop national policy platforms and mobilising civil society groups to take action on antibiotic resistance. React’s many years of work to raise awareness and increase the engagement for concerted action to antibiotic resistance has significantly contributed to many important initiatives that are ongoing globally at different levels.

ReAct Asia Pacific is based at the Christian Medical College Vellore and has been actively contributing to the action against antibiotic resistance in India and south-east Asia. ReAct expanded its presence to India in late 2016, and has been playing a significant part in the movement against antibiotic abuse and AMR. All the activities and projects in India, has been focussed at starting a conversation on AMR and spreading the message to various interest groups in the region. Various workshops have been organised to sensitise professional groups like veterinarians, fisheries scientists and health workers. ReAct has organised national workshops to make an alliance of Civil Society Organisations, apart from smaller workshops to sensitise grass root organisations. ReAct also conducted various other activities like setting up booths to inform the general public and photography competition for students. All this has created a momentum in the country, which has made many groups to take up the issue of antibiotic abuse and AMR as a priority.

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